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Discovery of High Potency, Single-Chain Insulin Analogs with a Shortened B‑Chain and Nonpeptide Linker

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posted on 2013-08-16, 00:00 authored by Zachary P. Kaur, Alexander R. Ochman, John P. Mayer, Vasily M. Gelfanov, Richard D. DiMarchi
A series of novel, single chain insulin analogs containing polyethylene glycol based connecting segments were synthesized by native chemical ligation and tested for biological activity. While the full length single chain insulin analogs exhibited low potency, deletion of amino acids B26–B30 unexpectedly generated markedly higher activity. This observation is unprecedented in all previous studies of single chain insulin analogs and is consistent with the presumption that in the native hormone this sequence must translocate to achieve high potency insulin receptor interaction. Optimization of the sequence yielded an insulin analog with potency and selectivity comparable to that of native insulin. These results establish a basis for discovery of novel higher potency, single chain insulin analogs of shortened length.