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Discovery of AZD8931, an Equipotent, Reversible Inhibitor of Signaling by EGFR, HER2, and HER3 Receptors

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posted on 19.02.2016, 01:42 by Bernard Barlaam, Judith Anderton, Peter Ballard, Robert H. Bradbury, Laurent F. A. Hennequin, D. Mark Hickinson, Jason G. Kettle, George Kirk, Teresa Klinowska, Christine Lambert-van der Brempt, Cath Trigwell, John Vincent, Donald Ogilvie
Deregulation of HER family signaling promotes proliferation and tumor cell survival and has been described in many human cancers. Simultaneous, equipotent inhibition of EGFR-, HER2-, and HER3-mediated signaling may be of clinical utility in cancer settings where the selective EGFR or HER2 therapeutic agents are ineffective or only modestly active. We describe the discovery of AZD8931 (2), an equipotent, reversible inhibitor of EGFR-, HER2-, and HER3-mediated signaling and the structure–activity relationships within this series. Docking studies based on a model of the HER2 kinase domain helped rationalize the increased HER2 activity seen with the methyl acetamide side chain present in AZD8931. AZD8931 exhibited good pharmacokinetics in preclinical species and showed superior activity in the LoVo tumor growth efficacy model compared to close analogues. AZD8931 is currently being evaluated in human clinical trials for the treatment of cancer.