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Disaggregation and Reaggregation of Gluten Proteins by Sodium Chloride

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posted on 13.02.2008, 00:00 by Tomoyo Ukai, Yasuki Matsumura, Reiko Urade
This study showed that gluten proteins were extracted with distilled water from dough prepared in the presence of NaCl. To elucidate the interrelationship of NaCl and gluten proteins in dough, the extracted proteins were characterized. These proteins were primarily found to be soluble gliadin monomers by N-terminal amino acid sequencing and analytical ultracentrifugation. Extracted proteins were aggregated by the addition of NaCl at concentrations of >10 mM. A decrease in β-turn structures, which expose tryptophan residues to an aqueous environment in the presence of NaCl, was revealed by Fourier transform infrared analysis and scanning of fluorescence spectra. In addition, cross-linking experiments with disuccinimidyl tartrate showed that a large amount of protein was cross-linked in the dough only in the presence of NaCl. These results suggest that both interactions and distances between proteins were altered by the addition of NaCl.