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Directionally Guided Droplets on a Modular Bottom-Up Anisotropic Locally Ordered Nickel Nanocone Superhydrophobic Surface

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posted on 2021-03-15, 04:50 authored by Ruiqing Zou, Jian Wang, Jianbin Tang, Xin Zhang, Yaocheng Zhang
The anisotropic surface prepared by the top-down etching technology shows unique advantages in terms of functional superhydrophobicity. However, it still has a shackle of the smallest etching size, which largely restricts the development of better superhydrophobicity. Therefore, it is still a huge challenge to realize the stepless size adjustment of an anisotropic surface in order to achieve better functionalization. In this work, a bottom-up approach inspired via the modular segmented preparation technology has been used to successfully build an anisotropic, locally ordered functionalized unique superhydrophobic structure, whose contact and rebound time of water droplets is extremely short. Furthermore, this structure with artfully arranged “tracks”, which has a relatively large contact angle value, not only lasts more than 15 consecutive bounce cycles in the same direction, where the droplets after merging still bounce, but also exhibits a significant anisotropic sliding behavior, which is presented in different sliding angles, toward droplets rolling in different directions and has lower adhesion work and better self-cleaning and anti-fouling performance. Besides, some mechanisms such as the reduction–replacement–reduction cycle and repulsion–adhesion–switching have been proposed especially in modular preparation and anisotropic sliding behavior. More importantly, this sorted bottom-up structure has great potential for achieving higher efficiency of functionalized superhydrophobicity and other related applications.