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Direct Synthesis of Sulfonylated Spiro[indole-3,3′-pyrrolidines] by Silver-Mediated Sulfonylation of Acrylamides Coupled with Indole Dearomatization

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posted on 2020-02-19, 15:09 authored by Wei Dong, Lin Qi, Jin-Yan Song, Jia-Min Chen, Jia-Xin Guo, Song Shen, Li-Jun Li, Wei Li, Li-Jing Wang
A dearomative tandem spiro-cyclization reaction of N-[(1H-indol-3-yl)­methyl]­methacrylamide derivatives with sulfinate sodium in the presence of AgNO3 and K2CO3 is reported, which produced sulfonylated spiro­[indole-3,3′-pyrrolidines] in medium to excellent yields. The characteristics of this transformation contain good functional group tolerance and ease of operation.