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Direct Synthesis of Pure Aqueous H2O2 Solution within Aluminosilicate Zeolite Crystals

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posted on 29.01.2021, 16:04 by Zhu Jin, Yifeng Liu, Liang Wang, Chengtao Wang, Zhiyi Wu, Qiuyan Zhu, Lingxiang Wang, Feng-Shou Xiao
The synthesis of H2O2 generally requires multiple mixed organic solvents and/or halide additives, causing complexity in purification. Herein, we overcome this problem by direct synthesis of H2O2 in aqueous solution using AuPd nanoparticles fixed within the aluminosilicate zeolite crystals as a catalyst. The AuPd nanoparticles catalyzed the oxygen hydrogenation to form H2O2 in zeolite crystals via a zeolite-assisted proton transfer process. In addition, the protons also stabilize the H2O2 product against the deprotonation that causes H2O2 decomposition. The H2O2 productivity reached 320 mmol gAuPd–1 h–1 with a H2 selectivity of 88% in water, showing significant advances compared with the conventionally supported metal nanoparticle catalysts. These findings highlight the zeolite fixed structure that offers a new way for designing efficient catalysts in H2O2 synthesis.