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Direct S0 → Tn Transition under Visible Light Irradiation Enabling Synthesis of a Pseudoindoxyl Scaffold

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posted on 2024-04-03, 13:36 authored by Masaya Nakajima, Sho Nagasawa, Keita Yamazaki, Tomohiro Yazawa, Honoka Yoneyama, Yuko Kotaka, Tetsuhiro Nemoto
Pseudoindoxyl is a partial skeleton found in various natural products. Its light-absorption properties make it useful for the design of functional molecules. However, versatile synthesis methods have not yet been reported. In this report, we present a versatile synthetic method for pseudoindoxyls using the direct S0 → Tn transition under visible light irradiation. We also discuss the application of pseudoindoxyls as photocatalysts.