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Direct Observation of Surface-Mediated Thioacetyl Deprotection:  Covalent Tethering of a Thiol-Terminated Porphyrin to the Ag(100) Surface

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posted on 2006-08-02, 00:00 authored by Owain P. H. Vaughan, Mark Turner, Federico J. Williams, Andreas Hille, Jeremy K. M. Sanders, Richard M. Lambert
Covalent tethering of macromolecules such as porphyrins to metal surfaces underpins bottom-up fabrication of systems intended for a variety of applications. Thiol linkages are especially useful but often need protection during macromolecule synthesis. By means of scanning tunneling microscopy, we directly observe the spontaneous deprotection of an acetyl-protected thioporphyrin upon contact with a silver surface, without the intervention of any solution-mediated chemistry.