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Direct Observation of Solvation Dynamics in an Aqueous Reverse Micellar System Containing Silver Nanoparticles in the Reverse Micellar Core

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posted on 30.04.2009, 00:00 authored by Palash Setua, Rajib Pramanik, Souravi Sarkar, Debabrata Seth, Nilmoni Sarkar
In this work we have reported the synthesis of silver nanoparticles in aqueous AOT (dioctylsulfosuccinate, sodium salt) n-heptane reverse micelles and then carried out the study of solvation dynamics keeping the system unaltered, i.e., inside the reverse micelles containing silver nanoparticles. Solvation dynamics and anisotropy studies showed that they were highly affected and became slower in reverse micelles containing silver nanoparticle in comparison to the pure reverse micellar system.