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Direct Creation of Biopatterns via a Combination of Laser-Based Techniques and Click Chemistry

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posted on 01.01.2017, 00:00 by Marianneza Chatzipetrou, Maria Massaouti, George Tsekenis, Anke K. Trilling, Esther van Andel, Luc Scheres, Maarten M. J. Smulders, Han Zuilhof, Ioanna Zergioti
In this paper, we present the immobilization of thiol-modified aptamers on alkyne- or alkene-terminated silicon nitride surfaces by laser-induced click chemistry reactions. The aptamers are printed onto the surface by laser-induced forward transfer (LIFT), which also induces the covalent bonding of the aptamers by thiol–ene or thiol–yne reactions that occur upon UV irradiation of the thiol-modified aptamers with ns laser pulses. This combination of LIFT and laser-induced click chemistry allows the creation of high-resolution patterns without the need for masks. Whereas the click chemistry already takes place during the printing process (single-step process) by the laser pulse used for the printing process, further irradiation of the LIFT-printed aptamers by laser pulses (two-step process) leads to a further increase in the immobilization efficiency.