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Direct Coherent Raman Temperature Imaging and Wideband Chemical Detection in a Hydrocarbon Flat Flame

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posted on 17.12.2015, 07:20 authored by Alexis Bohlin, Christopher J. Kliewer
A single-shot coherent Raman imaging technique has been developed for spatially correlated one-dimensional high-fidelity gas-phase thermometry and multiplex chemical detection in flames. The technique utilizes two-beam phase matching, operating a single ultrashort pump/Stokes excitation pulse (7 fs) and a narrowband picosecond probe pulse (70 ps), interrogating a Raman active window of ∼4200 cm–1 with ∼0.3 cm–1 spectral resolution. The measurement geometry is formed intersecting the two beams shaped as laser-sheets and the one-coordinate spatial information is retrieved with a linespread function of <40 μm. The advance provides the possibility for the multiplexed measurement of all combustion relevant major species simultaneously with gaseous temperature monitored over a several millimeter field of view. The current technique is optimized in a premixed hydrocarbon flat-flame. At the flame-front, it is shown that direct imaging renders the temperature profile within ∼1% inaccuracy, whereas typical point-wise raster scanning may have relative systematic deviations up to 15% due to spatial averaging effects.