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Diffusion-Dependent Graphite Electrode for All-Solid-State Batteries with Extremely High Energy Density

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posted on 2020-09-01, 16:26 authored by Ju Young Kim, Joonam Park, Myeong Ju Lee, Seok Hun Kang, Dong Ok Shin, Jimin Oh, Jumi Kim, Kwang Man Kim, Young-Gi Lee, Yong Min Lee
In all-solid-state batteries, the electrode has been generally fabricated as a composite of active material and solid electrolyte to imitate the electrode of lithium-ion batteries employing liquid electrolytes. Therefore, an efficient protocol to spatially arrange the two components with a scalable method is critical for high-performance all-solid-state batteries. Herein, a design of the all-solid-state electrode is presented for all-solid-state batteries with higher energy density than the typical composite-type electrode. The proposed electrode, composed mostly of the active materials, has a seamless interface between the active materials, which allows interparticle lithium-ion diffusion. Thus, the solid electrolyte can be completely excluded during the electrode manufacturing process, which enables higher flexibility for fabrication protocol by relieving the concerns about (electro)­chemistry related to solid electrolytes. Furthermore, it can dramatically enhance the normalized energy density by increasing the content of the active material in the electrode. This electrode concept provides a meaningful advance toward high-performance all-solid-state batteries.