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Development of a New s-Tetrazine-Based Copolymer for Efficient Solar Cells

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posted on 29.09.2010, 00:00 by Zhao Li, Jianfu Ding, Naiheng Song, Jianping Lu, Ye Tao
A new s-tetrazine-based low-bandgap semiconducting polymer, PCPDTTTz, was designed and synthesized. This is the first solution-processable conjugated polymer with tetrazine in the main chain. This polymer shows good thermal stability and broad absorption covering 450−700 nm. The HOMO and LUMO energy levels were estimated to be −5.34 and −3.48 eV, with an electrochemical bandgap of 1.86 eV. Simple polymer solar cells based on PCPDTTTz and PC71BM exhibit a calibrated power conversion efficiency of 5.4%.