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Development of Strategies for the Regiocontrolled Synthesis of meso-5,10,20-Triaryl-2,3-chlorins

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posted on 08.11.2007, 00:00 by Marilyne Varamo, Bernard Loock, Philippe Maillard, David S. Grierson
Triglycoconjugated photosensitizers show promise for use in the photodynamic therapy-based treatment of cancer. Two different routes have been studied for the regioselective preparation of 5,10,20-meso-triphenyl-2,3-chlorin, 9a, and 5,10,20-meso-tri(4-isopropyloxyphenyl)-2,3-chlorin, 9b. The main issue was to control the placement of the partially reduced pyrrole ring in the more hindered environment in the triarylchlorin products.