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Development of Robust Heterogeneous Chiral Rhodium Catalysts Utilizing Acid–Base and Electrostatic Interactions for Efficient Continuous-Flow Asymmetric Hydrogenations

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posted on 14.09.2020, 16:38 by Yuki Saito, Shu̅ Kobayashi
Heterogeneous chiral Rh catalysts based on acid–base and electrostatic interactions have been developed. The robust catalysts demonstrate high activity and selectivity in the continuous-flow asymmetric hydrogenation of a wide variety of enamides and dehydro­amino acids, providing optically active amides without leaching of metal species. The chiral environments can be easily tuned by changing the chiral ligands, demonstrating the high versatility of the heterogeneous catalysts. By applying these efficient catalysts, continuous synthesis of several active pharmaceutical ingredient intermediates was achieved.