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Development of Novel Microencapsulated Hybrid Latent/Chemical Heat Storage Material

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posted on 18.09.2020, 13:12 by Hiroaki Koide, Tatsuya Takahashi, Hiroki Sakai, Ade Kurniawan, Justin Ning-Wei Chiu, Takahiro Nomura
Phase change materials (PCM) and thermochemical materials (TCM) attract increasing attention as next-generation heat storage technologies. A novel CaO-supported microencapsulated phase change material (CaO/MEPCM) has been developed by combining a latent heat storage material with a chemical heat storage material. With this novel concept, higher storage performance and improved structural benefits are obtained. Microencapsulated Al-25 wt % Si alloy as the PCM and CaO/Ca­(OH)2 as the TCM are investigated in this paper. Sample preparation processes include (1) boehmite (AlOOH) treatment, (2) thermal oxidation treatment, (3) impregnation with CaO precursor, and (4) calcination. From SEM and XRD, the presence of CaO was confirmed on the microcapsules. According to the thermal analysis of CaO 30 wt %/MEPCM under a controlled H2O/N2 atmosphere, two endothermic peaks are present at around 500 and 577 °C, and the total heat storage capacity amounts to 412 kJ kg–1. Besides this, the stability in five cycles is also shown. It is also demonstrated through this work that the expansion of CaO can be successfully suppressed with the impregnation coating treatment. These results indicate that the combination of latent heat storage material and chemical heat storage material attains a synergistic effect and that the result is a novel heat storage material hybrid with high application potentials.