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Development of Nontargeted Workflow of Occupational Exposure by Infrared Ion Spectroscopy and Silicone Wristbands’ Passive Sampling

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posted on 2024-04-02, 15:38 authored by John T. Kelly, Louis E. McNamara, Megan E. Hoover, H. Mitchell Rubenstein, Kas Houthuijs, Jonathan Martens
A new approach using orthogonal analytical techniques is developed for chemical identification. High resolution mass spectrometry and infrared ion spectroscopy are applied through a 5-level confidence paradigm to demonstrate the effectiveness of nontargeted workflow for the identification of hazardous organophosphates. Triphenyl phosphate is used as a surrogate organophosphate for occupational exposure, and silicone wristbands are used to represent personal samplers. Spectral data of a target compound is combined with spectral data of the sodium adduct and quantum chemical calculations to achieve a confirmed identification. Here, we demonstrate a nontargeted workflow that identifies organophosphate exposure and provides a mechanism for selecting validated methods for quantitative analyses.