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Development of Azo-Based Turn-On Chemical Array System for Hydrazine Detection with Fluorescence Pattern Analysis

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posted on 02.09.2019, 08:29 by Min Chul Shin, Youngjun Lee, Seung Bum Park, Eunha Kim
A facile turn-on chemical sensor array was developed for hydrazine detection by means of fluorescence pattern recognition. Taking advantage of the unique properties of the azo group, four different fluorogenic probes, Seoul-Fluor (SF)-Azo 0104, were designed and prepared. SF-Azo 0104 displayed fluorescence enhancement of up to 800-fold upon reaction with hydrazine, and all probes exhibited excellent selectivity in the presence of various anions and nucleophiles. By employing the probes in a cellulose paper-based array system, the hydrazine concentration was successfully determined by monitoring the change in fluorescent patterns.