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Determining the Size and Shape Dependence of Gold Nanoparticle Uptake into Mammalian Cells

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posted on 12.04.2006, 00:00 by B. Devika Chithrani, Arezou A. Ghazani, Warren C. W. Chan
We investigated the intracellular uptake of different sized and shaped colloidal gold nanoparticles. We showed that kinetics and saturation concentrations are highly dependent upon the physical dimensions of the nanoparticles (e.g., uptake half-life of 14, 50, and 74 nm nanoparticles is 2.10, 1.90, and 2.24 h, respectively). The findings from this study will have implications in the chemical design of nanostructures for biomedical applications (e.g., tuning intracellular delivery rates and amounts by nanoscale dimensions and engineering complex, multifunctional nanostructures for imaging and therapeutics).