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Designing Hybrid Chiral Photonic Films with Circularly Polarized Room-Temperature Phosphorescence

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posted on 26.08.2020, 18:41 by Mingcong Xu, Xueyun Wu, Yang Yang, Chunhui Ma, Wei Li, Haipeng Yu, Zhijun Chen, Jian Li, Kai Zhang, Shouxin Liu
Circular polarized luminescence (CPL) is essential to chiral sciences and photonic technologies, but the achievement of circular polarized room-temperature phosphorescence (CPRTP) remains a great challenge due to the instability of triplet state excitons. Herein, we found that dual CPL and CPRTP were demonstrated by hybrid chiral photonic films designed by the coassembly of cellulose nanocrystals (CNCs), poly­(vinyl alcohol) (PVA), and carbon dots (CDs). Tunable photonic band gaps were achieved by regulating the ratio of CNC/PVA in the hybrid films, leading to tunable CPL with invertible handedness, tunable wavelengths, and considerable dissymmetric factors (glum) up to −0.27. In particularly, triplet excitons produced by CDs were stable in the chiral photonic crystal environment, resulting in tunable right-handed CPRTP with long lifetimes up to 103 ms and large RTP dissymmetric factors (gRTP) up to −0.47. Moreover, patterned films with multiple polarized features were demonstrated by a mold technique.