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Designing 3D COFs with Enhanced Hydrogen Storage Capacity

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posted on 10.02.2010, 00:00 by Emmanouel Klontzas, Emmanuel Tylianakis, George E. Froudakis
Hydrogen storage properties have been studied on newly designed three-dimensional covalent−organic framework (3D-COF). The design of these materials was based on the ctn network of the ultralow density COF-102. The structures were optimized by multiscale techniques and the optimized structures were checked for their storage capacities by grand canonical Monte Carlo simulations. Our simulations demonstrate that the gravimetric uptake of one of these new COFs can overpass the value of 25 wt % in 77 K and reach the Department of Energy’s target of 6 wt % in room temperature, classifying them between the top hydrogen storage materials.