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Design of a Polyoxometalate-Based Metal–Organic Framework for Photocatalytic C(sp3)–H Oxidation of Toluene

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posted on 2022-01-25, 14:05 authored by Jiachen Jiao, Xiaomei Yan, Songzhu Xing, Ting Zhang, Qiuxia Han
A powerful and promising route for developing novel photocatalysts for light-driven toluene oxidation in water under mild conditions is presented. Herein, a novel polyoxometalate-based metal–organic framework (POMOF), {Co4W22-DPNDI}, is prepared by incorporating the unusual Co4-sandwiched POM anion [Co4(μ-OH)2(SiW11O39)2]10– ({Co4W22}) and the photoactive organic bridging link N,N′-bis­(4-pyridylmethyl)­naphthalene diimide (DPNDI) into a framework. {Co4W22} is a good candidate for photocatalytic water oxidation. DPNDI is easily excited to form the radical species DPNDI* in the presence of an electron donor, which is beneficial for activation of the inert O2. Anion···π interactions and covalent bonds between {Co4W22} and DPNDI facilitate electron–hole separation and electron transfer. {Co4W22-DPNDI} displays high catalytic activity for the activation of the C­(sp3)–H bond of toluene using light as a driving force and inexpensive water as an oxygen source under mild conditions. In particular, the yield and selectivity are improved by replacing oxygen with water, which may be ascribed to the release of protons during the water oxidation process that facilitate the generation of OH.