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Design and Synthesis of Structure-Simplified Derivatives of Gonytolide for the Promotion of Innate Immune Responses

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posted on 15.04.2016, 18:34 by Haruhisa Kikuchi, Tsuyoshi Hoshikawa, Shoichiro Kurata, Yasuhiro Katou, Yoshiteru Oshima
Gonytolide A (1), a dimeric chromanone substituted with the γ-lactone, shows promoting activity of innate immune responses. However, biological studies on this compound have been limited by the low amounts of 1 available from natural resources and the difficulty of its synthesis. In this study, we designed and synthesized structure-simplified gonytolide derivatives. Bischromone 10 and biflavone 13 both promoted the mammalian TNF-α signaling pathway and Drosophila innate immunity. They did not contain a chiral center and were easy to synthesize. Hence, they can be used as lead compounds for a new type of immunostimulating drugs and as research reagents.