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Design and Application of a Linear Algebra Based Controller from a Reduced-Order Model for Regulation and Tracking of Chemical Processes under Uncertainties

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posted on 08.08.2019, 21:15 by M. Fabiana Sardella, M. Emanuel Serrano, Oscar Camacho, Gustavo J. E. Scaglia
This work presents a simple controller, tunable by three parameters, capable of following variable time references. It is a linear algebra based controller (LABC), developed from a first-order plus dead time model (FOPDT). Two processes were selected: a high-order linear process and a transesterification batch reactor from the biodiesel production process. Constant and variable time references were followed with very low tracking error. The methodology for the controller design under different conditions is described and results of simulations and experimental assays on a batch reactor are shown. Through comparison against PID and a numerical method based controller presented by other researchers, the accuracy of LABC is evidenced.