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Design, Synthesis, and in Vivo SAR of a Novel Series of Pyrazolines as Potent Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators

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posted on 09.08.2007, 00:00 by Xuqing Zhang, Xiaojie Li, George F. Allan, Tifanie Sbriscia, Olivia Linton, Scott G. Lundeen, Zhihua Sui
A novel series of pyrazolines 2 have been designed, synthesized, and evaluated by in vivo screening as tissue-selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs). Structure−activity relationships (SAR) were investigated at the R to R6 positions as well as the core pyrazoline ring and the anilide linker. Overall, strong electron-withdrawing groups at the R1 and R positions and a small group at the R5 and R6 position are optimal for AR agonist activity. The (S)-isomer of 7c exhibits more potent AR agonist activity than the corresponding (R)-isomer. (S)-7c exhibited an overall partial androgenic effect but full anabolic effect via oral administration in castrated rats. It demonstrated a noticeable antiandrogenic effect on prostate in intact rats with endogenous testosterone. Thus, (S)-7c is a tissue-selective nonsteroidal androgen receptor modulator with agonist activity on muscle and mixed agonist and antagonist activity on prostate.