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Design, Synthesis, and Evaluation of CF3AuCNR Precursors for Focused Electron Beam-Induced Deposition of Gold

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posted on 2019-03-05, 00:00 authored by Will G. Carden, Rachel M. Thorman, Ilyas Unlu, Khalil A. Abboud, D. Howard Fairbrother, Lisa McElwee-White
The Au­(I) complexes CF3AuCNMe (1a) and CF3AuCNtBu (1b) were investigated as Au­(I) precursors for focused electron beam-induced deposition (FEBID) of metallic gold. Both 1a and 1b are sufficiently volatile for sublimation at 125 ± 1 mTorr in the temperature range of roughly 40–50 °C. Electron impact mass spectra of 1a–b show gold-containing ions resulting from fragmenting the CF3 group and the CNR ligand, whereas in negative chemical ionization of 1a–b, the major fragment results from dealkylation of the CNR ligand. Steady-state depositions from 1a in an Auger spectrometer produce deposits with a similar gold content to the commercial precursor Me2Au­(acac) (3) deposited under the same conditions, while the gold content from 1b is less. These results enable us to suggest the likely fate of the CF3 and CNR ligands during FEBID.