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Design, Synthesis, and Biological Evaluation of Novel 3-Aryl-4-(1H-indole-3yl)-1,5-dihydro-2H-pyrrole-2-ones as Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Receptor (VEGF-R) Inhibitors

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posted on 10.07.2008, 00:00 by Christian Peifer, Roland Selig, Katrin Kinkel, Dimitri Ott, Frank Totzke, Christoph Schächtele, Regina Heidenreich, Martin Röcken, Dieter Schollmeyer, Stefan Laufer
In this study we report on the design, synthesis, and biological evaluation of pyrrole-2-one 2 to be a highly potent VEGF-R2/3 inhibitor with IC50 of 31/37 nM. The novel 3,4-diaryl-2H-pyrrole-2-ones were designed on the basis of the modeled binding mode of the corresponding 1H-pyrrole-2,5-dione (maleimide) VEGF-R2/3 inhibitor 1 indicating two H-bond ligand−protein interactions in the ATP pocket for the amide 2 but not for the isomer 3. Flexible synthetic routes to 3,4-diaryl-2H-pyrrole-2-ones and structure−activity relationships for the compounds in a panel of 24 therapeutically relevant protein kinases (IC50 values) are presented. Accordingly to the in vitro data, compounds 1 and 2 were found to possess highly potent antiangiogenic activities in the cellular HLMEC sprouting assay and also slightly induced apoptosis in HDMECs whereas 3 was determined to be significantly less active. Hence, the pyrrole-2-one moiety was dissected from the corresponding maleimide protein kinase inhibitor as a suitable key pharmacophore.