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Density, Viscosity, and Refractive Index of Aqueous CO2‑Loaded and -Unloaded Ethylaminoethanol (EAE) Solutions from 293.15 to 323.15 K for Post Combustion CO2 Capture

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posted on 2017-11-01, 11:34 authored by Hongxia Gao, Ge Gao, Helei Liu, Xiao Luo, Zhiwu Liang, Raphael O. Idem
The physical properties of densities, viscosities, and refractive indices, which are important in kinetics and mass transfer processes were measured for aqueous CO2-loaded and -unloaded (EAE) solutions applied in CO2 absorption in the temperature range from 293.15 to 323.15 K at atmospheric pressure. Due to the limitation of the instrument and corrosive behavior with increasing concentration, the mass fractions (w1) of aqueous EAE solutions selected were: as 0.089, 0.178, 0.267, and 0.356, which correspond to the molar concentrations of 1, 2, 3, and 4 mol·L–1, respectively. The determined density, viscosity and refractive index data for binary EAE+H2O and ternary CO2+EAE+H2O systems were correlated using Weiland et al. model, Redlich–Kister equation, extended Arrhenius equation, and a new proposed empirical function. All the calculated density, viscosity, and refractive index data fitted well with experimental values at all operational conditions.