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Density, Viscosity, Refractive Index, and Freezing Point for Binary Mixtures of 1,1′-Bicyclohexyl with Alkylcyclohexane

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posted on 14.08.2014, 00:00 by Xiaodong Jiang, Guijin He, Xi Wu, Yongsheng Guo, Wenjun Fang, Li Xu
Experimental data of density, viscosity, refractive index, and freezing point have been measured for the binary mixtures of 1,1′-bicyclohexyl with methylcyclohexane, ethylcyclohexane, and butylcyclohexane at different temperatures from T = (293.15 to 318.15) K and the pressure p = 0.1 MPa. The values of density, viscosity, and refractive index at a given temperature, along with the freezing point, increase continuously versus the increasing mole fraction of 1,1′-bicyclohexyl in the binary mixtures. The excess molar volumes (VmE), the viscosity deviations (Δη), and the refractive index deviations (ΔnD) are then calculated and are fitted to the Redlich–Kister equation. All of the VmE and Δη values are observed to be negative for these three binary systems over the whole composition range, which are discussed from the molecular interactions and structural effects. The fundamental data are provided for the preparation of advanced hydrocarbon fuels.