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Dendritic Cell-Based In Situ Nanovaccine for Reprogramming Lipid Metabolism to Boost Tumor Immunotherapy

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posted on 2023-12-06, 18:41 authored by You-Teng Qin, Xin-Hua Liu, Jia-Xin An, Jun-Long Liang, Chu-Xin Li, Xiao-Kang Jin, Ping Ji, Xian-Zheng Zhang
Cancer vaccines have been considered to be an alternative therapeutic strategy for tumor therapy in the past decade. However, the popularity and efficacy of cancer vaccines were hampered by tumor antigen heterogeneity and the impaired function of cross-presentation in the tumor-infiltrating dendritic cells (TIDCs). To overcome these challenges, we engineered an in situ nanovaccine (named as TPOP) based on lipid metabolism-regulating and innate immune-stimulated nanoparticles. TPOP could capture tumor antigens and induce specific recognition by TIDCs to be taken up. Meanwhile, TPOP could manipulate TIDC lipid metabolism and inhibit de novo synthesis of fatty acids, thus improving the ability of TIDCs to cross-present by reducing their lipid accumulation. Significantly, intratumoral injection of TPOP combined with pretreatment with doxorubicin showed a considerable therapeutic effect in the subcutaneous mouse colorectal cancer model and melanoma model. Moreover, in combination with immune checkpoint inhibitors, such TPOP could markedly inhibit the growth of distant tumors by systemic antitumor immune responses. This work provides a safe and promising strategy for improving the function of immune cells by manipulating their metabolism and activating the immune system effectively for in situ cancer vaccines.