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Dendrimer–Dye Assemblies as Templates for the Formation of Gold Nanostructures

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posted on 11.09.2017, 16:38 by Jasmin Düring, Wiebke Alex, Alexander Zika, Robert Branscheid, Erdmann Spiecker, Franziska Gröhn
Dendrimer–dye assemblies are used as novel supramolecular nanoreactors for the formation of various gold nanostructures. The organic–inorganic hybrid systems are investigated with dynamic light scattering, UV–vis spectroscopy, and transmission electron microscopy (TEM) as well as cryo-TEM and high-resolution TEM (HRTEM). We show that the shape of the hybrid assemblies is determined by the choice and the ratio of the building blocks. Shape and size of the gold nanoparticles within the assemblies are controlled by the reducing agent. The accessible range of gold morphologies extends from small and spherical, over ellipsoidal, faceted, and large to highly anisotropic. The approach may open the way to new hybrid systems with applications in catalysis or in the biomedical field.