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Dehydration of Carbohydrates to 5‑Hydroxy­methyl­furfural over Lignosulfonate-Based Acidic Resin

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posted on 28.02.2018, 00:00 by Hao Tang, Ning Li, Guangyi Li, Wentao Wang, Aiqin Wang, Yu Cong, Xiaodong Wang
Lignosulfonate-based renewable solid acids were first utilized as effective catalysts for fructose dehydration to produce 5-hydroxy­methyl­furfural (HMF). Among the investigated catalysts, the LF resin synthesized with formaldehyde and sodium lignosulfonate demonstrated the highest activity and good stability. Over it, ∼90% HMF carbon yield was reached at 393 K. On the basis of the characterization results of N2-physisorption, chemical titration, and micro­calorimetric measurement of NH3 adsorption, the outstanding performance of LF resin should be interpreted by its higher acid strength and/or the synergistic effect of adjacent −SO3H, −COOH and phenolic −OH surface functional groups. We also explored the applicability of the LF resin for HMF production using other cheaper carbohydrates. Here, 73% HMF carbon yield was obtained from inulin hydrolysis/dehydration after the reaction was conducted over the LF resin at 393 K for 2.5 h.