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Degradation of Sulfur Mustard on KF/Al2O3 Supports: Insights into the Products and the Reactions Mechanisms

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posted on 2009-11-06, 00:00 authored by Yossi Zafrani, Michael Goldvaser, Shai Dagan, Liron Feldberg, Dana Mizrahi, Daniel Waysbort, Eytan Gershonov, Ishay Columbus
The degradation of the warfare agent sulfur mustard (HD) adsorbed onto KF/Al2O3 sorbents is described. These processes were explored by MAS NMR, using 13C-labeled sulfur mustard (HD*) and LC-MS techniques. Our study on the detoxification of this blister agent showed the formation of nontoxic substitution and less-toxic elimination products (t1/2 = 3.5−355 h). Interestingly, the reaction rates were found to be affected by MAS conditions, i.e., by a centrifugation effect. The products and the mechanisms of these processes are discussed.