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Degradation Pathways and Efficiencies of Acid Blue 1 by Photocatalytic Reaction with ZnO Nanopowder

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posted on 07.08.2008, 00:00 by Chiing-Chang Chen, Huan-Jung Fan, Jeng-Lyan Jan
The ZnO-mediated photocatalysis process has been successfully applied to degradation of Acid Blue 1 (AB1) dye pollutants. To obtain a better understanding, the mechanistic details of this ZnO-assisted photodegradation of the AB1 dye with low Watt UV irradiation, a large number of the photodegradation intermediates were separated, identified, and characterized by the HPLC−PDA−ESI−MS and GC−MS techniques. The degradation progresses through competitive reactions such as N-de-ethylation, destruction of the conjugated structure, hydroxylation on the benzene ring, hydroxylation on sulfonylated benzene ring, and substitution. The probable photodegradation pathways were proposed and discussed.