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Defluoroalkylation of Trifluoromethylarenes with Hydrazones: Rapid Access to Benzylic Difluoroarylethylamines

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posted on 2023-02-27, 20:04 authored by Cecilia M. Hendy, Cameron J. Pratt, Nathan T. Jui, Simon B. Blakey
Here, we report an efficient and modular approach toward the formation of difluorinated arylethylamines from simple aldehyde-derived N,N-dialkylhydrazones and trifluoromethylarenes (CF3-arenes). This method relies on selective C–F bond cleavage via reduction of the CF3-arene. We show that a diverse set of CF3-arenes and CF3-heteroarenes react smoothly with a range of aryl and alkyl hydrazones. The β-difluorobenzylic hydrazine product can be selectively cleaved to form the corresponding benzylic difluoroarylethylamines.