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Deep Profiling of the Proteome Dynamics of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Reference Strain PAO1 under Different Growth Conditions

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posted on 2023-05-22, 15:08 authored by Mengyun Hou, Jingnan Huang, Tianyuan Jia, Yudong Guan, Fan Yang, Hongchao Zhou, Piying Huang, Jigang Wang, Liang Yang, Lingyun Dai
As one of the most common bacterial pathogens causing nosocomial infections, Pseudomonas aeruginosa is highly adaptable to survive under various conditions. Here, we profiled the abundance dynamics of 3489 proteins across different growth stages in the P. aeruginosa reference strain PAO1 using data-independent acquisition-based quantitative proteomics. The proteins differentially expressed during the planktonic growth exhibit several distinct patterns of expression profiles and are relevant to various biological processes, highlighting the continuous adaptation of the PAO1 proteome during the transition from the acceleration phase to the stationary phase. By contrasting the protein expressions in a biofilm to planktonic cells, the known roles of T6SS, phenazine biosynthesis, quorum sensing, and c-di-GMP signaling in the biofilm formation process were confirmed. Additionally, we also discovered several new functional proteins that may play roles in the biofilm formation process. Lastly, we demonstrated the general concordance of protein expressions within operons across various growth states, which permits the study of coexpression protein units, and reversely, the study of regulatory components in the operon structure. Taken together, we present a high-quality and valuable resource on the proteomic dynamics of the P. aeruginosa reference strain PAO1, with the potential of advancing our understanding of the overall physiology of Pseudomonas bacteria.