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Deep Learning Meets Nanophotonics: A Generalized Accurate Predictor for Near Fields and Far Fields of Arbitrary 3D Nanostructures

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posted on 2019-12-13, 01:29 authored by Peter R. Wiecha, Otto L. Muskens
Deep artificial neural networks are powerful tools with many possible applications in nanophotonics. Here, we demonstrate how a deep neural network can be used as a fast, general purpose predictor of the full near-field and far-field response of plasmonic and dielectric nanostructures. A trained neural network is shown to infer the internal fields of arbitrary three-dimensional nanostructures many orders of magnitude faster compared to conventional numerical simulations. Secondary physical quantities are derived from the deep learning predictions and faithfully reproduce a wide variety of physical effects without requiring specific training. We discuss the strengths and limitations of the neural network approach using a number of model studies of single particles and their near-field interactions. Our approach paves the way for fast, yet universal, methods for design and analysis of nanophotonic systems.