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Deep Interrogation of Metabolism Using a Pathway-Targeted Click-Chemistry Approach

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posted on 2020-10-14, 22:51 authored by Jason S. Hoki, Henry H. Le, Karlie E. Mellott, Ying K. Zhang, Bennett W. Fox, Pedro R. Rodrigues, Yan Yu, Maximilian J. Helf, Joshua A. Baccile, Frank C. Schroeder
Untargeted metabolomics indicates that the number of unidentified small-molecule metabolites may exceed the number of protein-coding genes for many organisms, including humans, by orders of magnitude. Uncovering the underlying metabolic networks is essential for elucidating the physiological and ecological significance of these biogenic small molecules. Here we develop a click-chemistry-based enrichment strategy, DIMEN (deep interrogation of metabolism via enrichment), that we apply to investigate metabolism of the ascarosides, a family of signaling molecules in the model organism C. elegans. Using a single alkyne-modified metabolite and a solid-phase azide resin that installs a diagnostic moiety for MS/MS-based identification, DIMEN uncovered several hundred novel compounds originating from diverse biosynthetic transformations that reveal unexpected intersection with amino acid, carbohydrate, and energy metabolism. Many of the newly discovered transformations could not be identified or detected by conventional LC-MS analyses without enrichment, demonstrating the utility of DIMEN for deeply probing biochemical networks that generate extensive yet uncharacterized structure space.