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Decoupling Kinetics and Thermodynamics of Interfacial Catalysis at a Chemically Modified Black Silicon Semiconductor Photoelectrode

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posted on 19.05.2020, 17:04 by Caitlin M. Hanna, Ryan T. Pekarek, Elisa M. Miller, Jenny Y. Yang, Nathan R. Neale
Understanding the interplay between the kinetics of interfacial catalytic reactions and the thermodynamics of an underlying semiconductor electrode is imperative for rational construction of efficient photoelectrocatalytic systems. Current understanding of the thermodynamic effects of molecular catalyst attachment to semiconductor electrodes is limited. We report the immobilization of a molecular cobalt bis­(benzenedithiolate) proton reduction catalyst onto nanoporous black silicon (b-Si) electrodes through π–π interactions with a series of aromatic molecules covalently attached to the surface. Intensity-modulated high-frequency resistivity and linear sweep voltammetry measurements are used to show that the kinetics of proton reduction are decoupled from the thermodynamic properties of the underlying b-Si photoelectrode.