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DNA Binding Properties of Oligodeoxynucleotides Containing Pyrrolidino C-Nucleosides

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posted on 29.08.2002, 00:00 by Adrian Häberli, Christian J. Leumann
We have incorporated pyrrolidino-C-nucleosides (pyrrolidino-pseudonucleosides) containing the base uracil and N-1-methyl uracil into oligodeoxynucleotides and compared their thermal duplex and triplex stabilities with unmodified or pseudouridine-containing oligodeoxynucleotides. We find relative destabilizations of triplex formation by ca. −13 to −1 °C per modification (relative to thymidine) in a strongly sequence dependent mode. Duplex formation is less destabilizing and more homogeneous with −4 to −2 °C per modification.