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Cytotoxic Pregnane Steroidal Glycosides from Chonemorpha megacalyx

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posted on 2019-05-30, 20:03 authored by Fang-Yu Yuan, Xiao-Ling Wang, Tian Wang, Tao Shen, Dongmei Ren, Hongxiang Lou, Xiao-Ning Wang
Three new C21 pregnane steroids, chonemorphols A–C (1, 3, and 4), 11 new C21 steroidal glycosides, chonemorphosides A–K (2 and 514), and 11 known compounds (1525) were obtained from the vines and leaves of Chonemorpha megacalyx Pierre. Their structures were established using extensive spectroscopic data. The X-ray crystallographic data of 1 and 3 permitted definition of their absolute configurations. Notably, 1 and 2 possessed an uncommon 6/5/6/5/5-fused steroidal ring system. Compound 7 displayed significant cytotoxicity against several cancer cell lines with IC50 values of 2.0–3.6 μM.