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Cylindrical Water Triboelectric Nanogenerator via Controlling Geometrical Shape of Anodized Aluminum for Enhanced Electrostatic Induction

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posted on 13.09.2016, 00:00 by Sukyung Lee, Jihoon Chung, Dae Yun Kim, Jung-Yeul Jung, Seong Hyuk Lee, Sangmin Lee
We demonstrate a cylindrical water triboelectric nanogenerator (CW-TENG) that generates sustainable electrical output. The inner surface of the cylinder was patterned into superhydrophobic and hydrophilic parts to control water flow inside the packaged design of CW-TENG. Here, various thicknesses and roughnesses of the superhydrophobic surface, generated using aluminum oxide nanostructures for enhanced electrostatic induction, were measured to obtain the maximum output and superhydrophobicity. Also, we demonstrate the possibility of using a hydrophilic surface for energy harvesting and as a water reservoir in the packaged design.