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Cyclic Vinyl p-Tolyl Sulfilimines as Chiral Dienophiles:  Diels−Alder Reactions with Furan and Acyclic Dienes

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posted on 28.03.2002, 00:00 by José L. García Ruano, Carlos Alemparte, Fernando R. Clemente, Lorena González Gutiérrez, Ruth Gordillo, Ana M. Martín Castro, Jesús H. Rodríguez Ramos
The dienophilic behavior of the sulfilimine 2, synthesized from (Z)-3-p-tolylsulfinylacrylonitrile 1, in its Diels−Alder reactions with furan and acyclic dienes has been investigated. A complete π-facial selectivity for 2, opposite to that observed from its precursor 1, is the main feature of all these cycloadditions. Moreover, the high exo selectivity observed in reactions of 2 with furan (not observed for 1) contrasts with the almost complete endo selectivity with other cyclic and acyclic dienes. Additionally, the opposite regioselectivities obtained for 2 with Dane's diene and 1-substituted butadienes (not observed for 1) are also noteworthy. This behavior allows dienophiles 1 and 2 to be considered as complementary precursors from a synthetic point of view.