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Cyclic Regulation of the Sulfilimine Bond in Peptides and NC1 Hexamers via the HOBr/H2Se Conjugated System

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posted on 25.06.2018, 00:00 by Dongrui Luan, Xiaonan Gao, Fanpeng Kong, Xiaoxiao Song, Aishan Zheng, Xiaojun Liu, Kehua Xu, Bo Tang
The sulfilimine bond (−SN−), found in the collagen IV scaffold, significantly stabilizes the architecture via the formation of sulfilimine cross-links. However, precisely governing the formation and breakup process of the sulfilimine bond in living organisms for better life functions still remains a challenge. Hence, we established a new way to regulate the breaking and formation of the sulfilimine bond through hydrogen selenide (H2Se) and hypobromous acid (HOBr), which can be easily controlled at simulated physiological conditions. This novel strategy provides a circulation regulation system to modulate the sulfilimine bond in peptides and NC1 hexamers, which can offer a substantial system for further study of the physiological function of collagen IV.