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Cyanide-Bridged Single-Molecule Magnet Constructed by an Octacoordinated [W(CN)6(bpy)]- Anion

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posted on 2006-11-27, 00:00 authored by Jung Hee Yoon, Jeong Hak Lim, Hyoung Chan Kim, Chang Seop Hong
Two cyanide-bridged WV−M [M = MnIII (1), CoII (2)] bimetallic clusters were prepared by self-assembling a new molecular precursor [W(CN)6(bpy)]- and the corresponding metal complexes. Compound 1 shows a tetranuclear W2Mn2 entity, consisting of a Jahn−Teller ion, MnIII, which serves as an anisotropic source, while compound 2 exhibits a trimeric W2Co structure. Among them, compound 1 displays slow relaxation of the magnetization, which is typical of a single-molecule magnet behavior.