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Cupriferous Silver Peroxysulfite Superpyramids as a Universal and Long-Lasting Agent to Eradicate Multidrug-Resistant Bacteria and Promote Wound Healing

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posted on 27.10.2020, 10:44 by Wanlin Li, Yanling Wang, Yuchen Qi, Danni Zhong, Tingting Xie, Ke Yao, Shikuan Yang, Min Zhou
Because of the emergent evolution of multidrug-resistant (MDR) bacteria, resistance to traditional antibiotics has been increasingly causing public health concerns that it can rapidly overcome the development of antibacterial agents. Here, we demonstrated a facile electrodeposition method to prepare silver peroxysulfite (Ag7O8HSO4, AOHS) superpyramids on band-aids with extraordinary antibacterial performance. The porous structure and the sharp apex of AOHS superpyramids could facilitate the release of high-valence silver ions, which possess highly efficient MDR bacteria-killing effect and keep long-term antibacterial activity (>99% killing efficiency, recycle at least 4 times) because of their superior destruction capability of the membrane of the bacteria. A layer of copper was further evaporated onto the AOHS pyramids decorated on a band-aid, which could promote wound tissue angiogenesis and prohibit bacterial infection simultaneously, and finally accelerate the healing process in MDR bacteria-infected wound in vivo. The simple and low-cost fabrication process, as well as the outstanding antibacterial performance, make AOHS pyramids have promising applications in bacterial infection and practical sterilization fields, especially toward multidrug-resistant bacteria.