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Cu(I) Luminescence from the Tetranuclear Cu4S4 Cofactor of a Synthetic 4-Helix Bundle

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posted on 2005-06-01, 00:00 authored by Olesya A. Kharenko, David C. Kennedy, Borries Demeler, Michael J. Maroney, Michael Y. Ogawa
The addition of Cu(I) to the random-coil peptide, C16C19-GGY, produces a self-organized, metal-bridged 4-helix bundle which displays an intense room-temperature luminescence at 600 nm. Emission, UV, and CD titrations along with X-ray absorption studies indicate that the luminescent cofactor is likely a Cu4S4 cluster in which each Cu atom is bridged by the side chains of two cysteine residues and has terminal N/O ligation.