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CuI-Nanoparticles-Catalyzed Selective Synthesis of Phenols, Anilines, and Thiophenols from Aryl Halides in Aqueous Solution

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posted on 01.04.2011, 00:00 by Hua-Jian Xu, Yu-Feng Liang, Zhen-Ya Cai, Hong-Xia Qi, Chun-Yan Yang, Yi-Si Feng
CuI-nanoparticles-catalyzed selective synthesis of phenols, anilines, and thiophenols from aryl halides was developed in the absence of both ligands and organic solvents. Anilines were formed selectively with ammonia competing with hydroxylation and thiophenols were generated selectively with sulfur powder after subsequent reduction competing with hydroxylation and amination.