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Cu-Catalyzed Oxidative Dual Arylation of Active Alkenes: Preparation of Cyanoarylated Oxindoles through Denitrogenation of 3‑Aminoindazoles

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posted on 20.01.2021, 10:05 authored by Qiao-Lin Wang, Quan Zhou, Jia Liao, Zan Chen, Bi-Quan Xiong, Guo-Jun Deng, Ke-Wen Tang, Yu Liu
A novel and mild Cu-catalyzed oxidative dual arylation of carbon–carbon double bonds in acrylamides with 3-aminoindazoles is proposed for the synthesis of cyanoarylated oxindoles. Notably, 3-aminoindazoles are employed as efficient arylating agents via the cleavage of two C–N bonds. This oxidative dual arylation of active alkenes involves a radical process and undergoes a sequence of 3-aminoindazole oxidation, two-C–N-bond cleavage, cyanoaryl radical addition, and intramolecular cyclization.