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Crystal Structures of μ2-Fluoro- and μ2-Salicylaldoximato-Bridged μ3-Oxo-tris(dimethyltin(IV)) Bis(salicylaldoximate)

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posted on 03.12.1998, 00:00 by Frédéric A. G. Mercier, Abdelkrim Meddour, Marcel Gielen, Monique Biesemans, Rudolph Willem, Edward R. T. Tiekink
Crystallographic data for [(Me2Sn)2(Me2SnO)(Nu)(HONZO)(ONZO)] where HONZOH is ortho-HONCH−C6H4−OH, salicylaldoxime, have been obtained for Nu = ONZOH (2) and F (4). Both 2 and 4 display one seven- and two five-coordinate diorganotin moieties as basic features. The key points of interest in 2 are the E-configuration for ONZOH and the observation of an intramolecular O−H···N hydrogen bond which is shown, by comparison with a related structure where such an interaction is precluded, not to impart a special stability in the structure. In 4, a bridging F is present. The F atom forms a stronger interaction with one of the Sn atoms of the cyclic Sn2OF unit, which provides a structural explanation to the observation of regioselective attack of nucleophiles onto one of the five-coordinate tin atoms in these systems.